White Light Scented Candle

40 €
The White Light candle’s subtle and soft scent smells like rosemary and vetiver, with a hint of cedarwood.
This multifunctional object is a home piece in itself: after burning the candle, you will be left with a beautiful ceramic bowl to have your breakfast from.
We have only used 100 % natural essential oils for this candle, so more sensitive people can enjoy it too.
Part of our Sugar x Raaka Rå collection.
Ceramic design and manufacture by Leena Kouhia.
You will receive this product in a 100% recycled cardboard box.
Burning time 30 h
Container: ceramic
Candle: base coconut oil, 100% natural essential oils. Made in Helsinki, Finland by Osmia.
After the candle has burned, scrape the remains of the wax off the container.
The ceramic bowl is dishwasher safe. For optimal preservation wash with a mild eco-friendly detergent.

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